Solar Energy Edge Protection

The use of Solar Energy is undeniably a popular and cost effective move forward for many commercial and public sector organizations across the UK. Much of this currently unused roof space can provide the perfect host for Solar Panels.  The Installation, cleaning and maintenance however, usually requires a solution of its own.

Permanent edge protection is quickly gaining popularity as the ideal solution as it can be utilized for the initial installation of the panels – saving on scaffolding cost – and as it is a permanent fixture, which carries as much as a 25 year life span, there is no requirement for temporary, less effective solutions when maintenance is required.

Key Features of Surpro PRO-Rail;

  • Fitted prior to UV Panel install
  • Provides full protection
  • No requirement for scaffolding
  • Cost effective solution
  • PRO-Rail product range Inclined | Folding | Curved | Top fixed
  • Toe boards as an optional requirement
  •  Permanent guardrail protection for future maintenance 
  • Low maintenance and inspections required

MATERIALS:               Pre Galvanised steel | Aluminium | Stainless Steel grades 304 or 316

FINISHES:                   Powder coating to RAL No



College Campus successfully utilises their roof space for Solar Panel investment 

PRO-Rail Top Fixed with Toe boards installed to Composite panel roof, accessed by a Cherry Picker. All 10 contractors protected whilst installing UV panels.

On going future maintenance of the UV panels – Cleaning, electrical etc means contractors/personnel are always protected. No reoccurring maintenance cost or long winded paperwork to fill out for PPE and RAMS.

Building owners of residential apartments invest in Solar Panels  

PRO-Rail Freestanding with additional folding mechanism, installed as initial protection for contractors during installation of solar panels to apartment blocks and to provide on going protection during maintenance.

When maintenance is not being performed the guardrail is concealed from the ground. Important in this application as this particular roof is located in a residential area.

Other examples of Solar Panel protection and future maintenance  

PRO-Rail Top Fixed provides permanent edge protection, whilst SAFE-TREAD Stepped Walkway provides on going access over the curved standing seam roof.

PRO-Rail Folding guardrail provides permanent edge protection, in this case additional edge protection is provided around the roof well located in the centre of the roof , which previously proofed hazardous to maintenance personnel.