Solar PV on every commercial roof in the UK by 2018!!

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Almost every commercial rooftop in the UK could have solar panels installed within the next five years. That’s according to the Business Development Director of a renewable energy firm, who claims it is “inevitable” that firms in the UK will soon realise the economic benefits of solar.

Mariano Costa from Scotland-based Renewable Resources said: “Solar PV in the future will be a common reality. From an economic standpoint alone solar will be the most affordable form of power in large parts of the world within a few years. Couple that with the environmental benefits and the associated corporate social responsibility kudos and the switch to solar will be a no-brainer.

“A crucial factor also is the UK’s energy security which solar can ensure as domestic fossil fuels decline. I am convinced that solar PV will be on virtually every commercial roof in the UK by 2018.”

He added solar is “almost at the point” where it can compete on a level playing field with conventional energy.

Article courtesy of Energy LIVE News. 

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